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Washington Tuesday Subbuteo League
Below is a list of current WTSL members.  Feel free to become a member yourself.  There are no fees or dues.  Just come out to a league night and play.


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Baran, Emre
Teams Used:  Barcelona
Subbuteo Experience/Honors: ------
WTSL Member Since: 2002

Carroll, John
Teams Used: Liverpool
Subbuteo Experience/Honors: -----
WTSL Member Since: 2002
Chapin, Andy
Teams Used: Newcastle United, Manchester United
Subbuteo Experience/Honors: ----
WTSL Member Since: 2001
DeFranco, Bryan
Email: ------
Teams Used: Italy
Subbuteo Experience/Honors: -----
WTSL Member Since: 1999
Deinhart, Gregg
Teams Used: USA, Liverpool, Everton (can you believe this guy?)
Subbuteo Experience/Honors: 7 National Ranking Point Championships; 5 National Championships; 3 Holiday Silvers; 2 FISTF International Open Championships; 2 MLS Cups; 3 WTSL League Championships; 3 Trevor Cups 
WTSL Member Since: 1994

Hardin, Paul
Teams Used: USA
Subbuteo Experience/Honors: National Semifinalist
WTSL Member Since: 1999

Morgans, Ed
Teams Used: Glasgow Rangers
Subbuteo Experience/Honors: -----
WTSL Member Since: 2002
Palmer, Mark
Teams Used: Arsenal, Glasgow Celtic, Zimbabwe
Subbuteo Experience/Honors: National Finalist 2002; Northeast Open Finalist 2001; ASA Top Five 2001, 2002
WTSL Member Since: 1999
Rueter, Jeremy
Teams Used: Juventus
Subbuteo Experience/Honors: -----
WTSL Member Since: 2003
Silva, Marco
Teams Used: Silva Sol, countless others
Subbuteo Experience/Honors: 1 National Championship
WTSL Member Since: 1996
Wilcox, Rick
Teams Used: D.C. United (back when they were good)
Subbuteo Experience/Honors: 1999 FISTF Grand Prix USA Champion, 2002 FISTF Open USA II Runner-up, 2002 ASA National Champion, 2-time ASA National Runner-up (1998 & 1999), 1997 ASA National Ranking Points Co-Champion, 4-time ASA MLS Cup winner (1999, 2000, 2001, 2002), 1998 ASA Holiday Silver Champion, 4-time ASA Regional Tournament Winner (Alexandria, VA 1994, 1997, 2000 & Media, PA 2001), 4-time WTSL Trevor Cup Champion (1994, 1995, 1996, 2002)
WTSL Member Since: 1994

Subbuteo is the world's most popular table soccer game. Give it a try!