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Washington Tuesday Subbuteo League
About WTSL


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Founding Brothers

The Washington Tuesday Subbuteo League (WTSL) was founded in the Spring of 1994 by Rick Wilcox, Matt Wintersteen and Gregg Deinhart. The name was an adaptation of the English football team Sheffield Wednesday. The fact that the league plays regularly on Thursday nights in Northern Virginia means little to past and present members who have been part of the United States most fabled Subbuteo club.

Our History

WTSL members have won over 40 American Subbuteo association tournaments and three FISTF International tournaments. Some of the successful players include: Gregg Deinhart - National Champion: 1996, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, & 2003, USA #1 Ranking: 1996-2002, 2003 Canadian Grand Prix Runner-up, FISTF Open Spring 2002 and Fall 2002, three World Cup Appearances; Rick Wilcox - 2003 National Championship Runner-up, 2002 National Champion, 1997 #1 USA Ranking, FISTF Grand Prix 1999 Champion; Marco Silva - 2003 Canadian Open Runner-up, 1997 National Champion, . Mark Palmer 2001 National Championship Runner-up. Alumni include ASA Top-ten players Eric Walton (2 time National Championship runner up) and Andrew Giffen.

WTSL is always looking for new players. E-mail us at for more information.